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[email protected]


14320 63rd Ave
Edmonds, WA

List Interests / Hobbies:

Herbalist, artist, yogi, hiking, animals, foraging, fitness, gardening, boats, astrology, native land protection, space


Degrees / Certificates:

1st year apprenticeship in herbalism


Places you love in Snohomish County:

I’m actually new to the area but I’ve fallen in love with the sound and walking it’s beaches.


Activities of Interest:

Educate the Public at Local Festivals, Restore local habitats, Write Articles for Various Media, Give talks at local beaches or in schools, Photograph or Draw Marine Environments, Lead Beach and Nature walks, Lead Preschool Story Times


Days not available for training:

Maybe next year? I’m very very interested!!!


Why do you want to become a Beach Watcher:

I’m a stay at home mom who has tried many things to do outside the home. I alway come back to the earth and nature and how I can be of service to it. I love this planet and I want to be apart in saving it.


Experience as a Volunteer:

Organization: Growing things
Years Involved: 3
Role: Garden guru
Description: I would teach at a community garden how to grow your own food. I mostly worked with family’s and did really well with children and keeping their attention. I’m a mom of 2

Rate Topics of Interest:

Citizen Science: 8
Climate Change: 10
Harvesting: 12
Marine Wildlife: 12
Public Education: 11
Water Quality: 7
Low Impact Development: 7
Native Vegetation / Invasive Species: 12
Geology / Coastal Processes: 8
Restoration Practices / Approaches: 10
Plastics and Marine Debris: 10
Marine Stewardship: 10