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Beach Watcher Field Trip Expectations



In order for this to be a positive field trip experience, WSU Extension expects each participating teacher to agree the following:

  1. Please have all teachers listed on the application sign and return this form prior to cut-off date (April 1st) to ensure a confirmed date.
  2. It is the school and the parent chaperones’ responsibility to maintain overall classroom control and discipline at all times during the field trip. We expect you to adhere to your school district’s student to adult ratio for field trips and share our Chaperone Tips sheet with your chaperones before they get to the beach.
  3. Please do not schedule field trips during times when a substitute teacher will be leading your class. In the event of your unexpected absence, please have another teacher from your school (rather than a substitute) attend the field trip in your place, or reschedule your field trip (if possible).
  4. It is the classroom teacher’s responsibility to arrange bus transportation and parking arrangements. Some sites are more difficult for buses; others require fees.
  5. For field trip lessons which require parental or other adult chaperones, it is your responsibility to recruit adult chaperones and share our Chaperone Tips sheet with them prior to arriving at the beach.
  6. For field trip support we will provide a schedule and details of the activities we will lead. We will request the classes break into smaller groups so please have that done prior to arrival. This structure will help insure your students get quality time with WSU Beach Watchers.
  7. We will meet your bus when you arrive at the site to review beach etiquette and safety with the students prior to unloading or getting on the beach.
  8. Review the field trip tips that will be provided and have students prepared for different types of weather.
  9. There is a $25 fee per class for field trips. An invoice will be sent to the school's billing department and payment is required no later than one month after your field trip.
  10. It is not necessary to have divers to find intertidal organisms on the beach. However, if you intend to do so, please provide the name and contact information of the diver so we can coordinate our event with that person.